Taxes - Imports

Our company pays taxes on products purchased in the United States and collects taxes on products sold and shipped abroad. Any product can be taxed by Customs Destination, if this occurs is entirely the responsibility of the buyer.


What if my order does not go to customs?

Often the customs pass the products and do not charge tax, You will be winning, because we do not charge you this value. That's why our prices are so cheap!


And if the Revenue taxes my product, should I refuse to receive it?

 • All imports are taxable and if there is taxation, this will be the responsibility of the customer. In the case of products not withdrawn due to the collection of customs fees, we will not make the return of the payment; The single customer is responsible for this expense.


 If the recipe rates your product remember:

• The value of taxes are not included in the price of merchandise advertised on our website.

• The buyer is directly responsible for the payment of all taxes and duties that may be levied in the country of destination.


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